03/12 Golden Tears

The team got struck by this painting from Gustav Klimt. Oh. Hold up. This isn’t a Klimt? No it is most certainly not. Though clearly inspired by Klimt it is in fact a painting by French artist Anne Marie Zilberman. We want to tell you a lot more about her but… we can’t? She’s a ghost. It is believed her work sells so well online and at galleries because people do think this painting is done by Klimt. Again; It isn’t. Other than that there’s some journalist that stated a few things about her but lacks any real trackable source. People think she’s still alive, she has a Facebook account, we think? Well… There you have it. An artist who is not dead yet, made this, we know nothing.

Sheesh. Come across a painting while searching for Gustav Klimt’s art, of a girl that cries gold and Vetitus was sold. Saded was touched by this painting straight away and we added this fairly unknown work, of an unknown artist to a collection that features famous artworks by immensely popular artists. But, if the idea takes 2 minutes to be fully thought of, you know it’s a good one.

The model:
@tesss was the perfect model for this. She has the hair, is fair, could handle the needles in her face and just check the detail on those lips; They are the same!

*A few words from our model in her native language: Dutch:
Het voelt heftig. Het doet meer pijn dan ik had verwacht, maar vooral het gevoel van naalden door mijn gezicht raakt me best hard. Ik hou mezelf kalm, want ik moet natuurlijk wel een beetje knap op de foto straks wink
Ik neem een selfie. Deze make-up, geweldig aangebracht door Saded en Myomere en dan die naalden er bij. Ik herken mezelf niet meer. Wow!

Jay neemt de foto’s, alles gaat soepel en iedereen werkt lekker samen. Ik hoef alleen maar te staan en aanwijzingen op te volgen die Bas me geeft. Vrij snel staat alles er op, en mogen de naalden er weer uit. Dat was het deel waar ik écht ging bloeden voor de kunst. Nooit eerder had ik warme straaltjes bloed over mijn gezicht voelen stromen. Het voelde eerst een beetje eng. Maar ik hou nu eenmaal van eng, dus eigenlijk was het vooral erg lekker.

Dit was echt een super tof project om aan mee te doen. Het samenwerken verliep echt super goed en de sfeer was echt amazing. En het resultaat is al helemaal geweldig <3

A few words from our piercer:
First I need to explain me and Tess. We are United, which means as much that we will take pain together, or step in to stop the other from taking pain. It means that we will take care of each other, provide care bears and my little ponies. it means all that, and much more

It does not mean that I hurt her. so we practiced me putting a needle in her arm, which went very well. THe next day I started the piercing of her eyebrow with full confidence. Only to find out it was mentally and emotionally very hard to put needles in her eyebrow. I did not want to continue after the first, calling in Bas for back-up. off course he was there for me, only not in the back-uping and taking-over way that I expected, but in the “I can’t even remember what he told me, but it made me feel like I could pull through”pep talk way.
So I did. I Hurt Tess, and then I made tears of blood all over her face. It was magical.

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