04/12 A composition in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black

We could not do this project without Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondriaan. Cause… you know… He invented a style, inspired architects and designers, and his work is recognizable for almost anyone on the planet. Plus if we apply his teachings and quotes to kink, some hold up real nice. The main quotes that caused our team to pick his work are the following:

“It is not important to make many pictures but that I have one picture right. “ – And we hope it is this one.

“I think that the destructive element is too much neglected in art. “ – Piet, we agree. There you go. You’re welcome.

“To move the picture into our surroundings and give it real existence has been my ideal since I came to abstract painting.” – Piet, if we interpreted this right, I hope it will spark you great joy we brought your painting in to our existence.

It is hard to see a Mondriaan and go: “ah well, there’s kinky shit in there”, unless you read his musings and studies. His idea that language is wholly insufficient to express ourselves made him create his art the way he did. His art was his way of communication. This made us feel free to use his building blocks as words; to interpret and reshape his art as needed to be able to understand it and expres this understanding ourselves.

What we saw was nature trapped in abstracts. And that is what we made.

The model:
@Chii was originally chosen because we liked that as a white skinned red haired lovely lady she already had two of our needed primairy colors all by herself. As the ideas progressed, so did the techniques we used.

A few words from our model in her native language: Dutch:

De voorbereiding: Vetitus Productions zoekt mensen die willen bloeden voor de kunst. Tof! Maar ik wil niet zelf bloeden, want grenzen. Gelukkig is het ook een optie dat iemand anders gaat bloeden. Dan hoef ik alleen nog maar op de grond te liggen. Kan ik!

De uitvoering: Het is KOUD, waarom moet ik toch altijd kiezen voor dingen waarbij ik het koud krijg? Oké, nog even tanden op elkaar, op de grond liggen, ik kan dit! Na een tijdje gaan er lichaamsdelen slapen, maar ik moet netjes stil blijven liggen, het is zwaarder dan ik op voorbereid ben.
Gelukkig is het team echt méér dan fantastisch. Er wordt zo veel mogelijk gedaan om mij zo comfortabel mogelijk oncomfortabel te laten liggen.
Mijn ogen worden dicht getaped en de wereld is weg. Alles doet zeer en is koud, maar ik wil het zo graag volhouden. En dan opeens is er weer connectie, de laatste vakjes worden ingekleurd en de foto’s worden gemaakt. Ik mag weer bewegen en er is zelfs een douche. De douche maakt alle kou dubbel en dwars waard.

A few words from our Needle expert @Cheza in her native language: Dutch
Voor deze gelegenheid Bas geprikt zodat hij van Chii een kunstwerkje kon maken. Normaliter is dat geen probleem, echter compleet afgeleid door deze prachtige vent. Een disclaimer dus, zou anderen niet aanraden een bloedafname naald op deze wijze te gebruiken, voor de kunst mag soms afgeweken worden van protocol. En het resultaat mag er zijn.

A few words from our waxer / taper / blooddonor @Bas_B
I loved doing this one. The bodypaint (thanks @Saded for helping out with that!!), finding the lines I like with the tape, making squares with the candle wax… all those were amazing to do. I had to ask the room to be quiet in order to do it as well as I could. It required a hell of a lot more of my focus than I thought it would. Doing those things, suddenly felt heavy. Like… Who the fuck am I to just be recreating and deciding the composition based on the great Mondriaan.

That ended decisively and abruptly when it was time to apply my red. @Cheza hooked me up with a needle. My vein went elsewhere. Try another one. Poof. Vein gone. Alright 3rd attempt. YEET! Vein disappeared again. Lastly (and forgive me for not using a medical term here) a tap and a hose were directly installed in my precious blood vessels to make absolutely sure I could fill a wineglass with red paint.

Watching my blood drip in the glass and using it to finish the composition the team had created. Using it as paint to get the best primairy red possible. Well… Can’t lie. A boner. A happy sigh. A horny grunt. A deep focus. And a happiness that comes close to the kind of happy you feel when you get exactly what you want for Christmas at age 6.

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