02/12 Lovers

Magritte is a Belgian surrealist painter from the early 20th century. Lots of his work contains nude women and fish, which was likely caused by finding his mom dead in a river after she committed suicide. That’d likely make a surrealist out of all of us.

Lovers 2 is an oil on canvas painting depicting two individuals kissing through a veil. Unable to truly communicate or touch.

The idea of sensory deprivation and “forbidden love” vibe of this painting already holds it’s own kinky merits. To strengthen the torment of being so close but unable to actually touch we added barbed wire to the scene to further rip apart whatever connection was possible, making the embrace an even more painful endeavour.

The models:
@Alaiya and @Steven are not usually presented with the challenge of a forbidden love but are lovers in real life. We selected them for numerous reasons, one of them being they went “Fuck yeaaah” when presented with the idea of being wrapped up in barbed wire. Their perfect height difference and ability to genuinely want to stay in each others face for over an hour really helped.

A few words from our model:

Bas was wonderful and (as always) a delight both as person and as top. Clear and no nonsense negotiations, Very pleasant wrapping with barbed wire (didn’t stab me once!) and clear instructions. And as always funny as all heck! 10/10 would photoshoot again!

A few words from our barbed wire rigger:
A couple of days before the shoot I proposed to either connect with the models or just blatantly smack the barbed wire on there for photographic purposes. I hadn’t met Steven yet, but have been in BDSM play scenes with Alaiya before and I was happy both of them were ok with me doing this with some connection. I ended up doing a mix of both connecting and efficient applying of barbed wire because I got a little insecure making that connection with Steven whom I never met and is a man. In hindsight I wished I put a little more security and effort in to connection. Once the picture was done, and the two of them were standing there wrapped together in misery, Steven pulled Alaiya closer for a good kiss despite the added pain the barbed wire caused. I loved this greatly cause to me it looked like Magritte could have added a 1000 more elements to make this love forbidden but this love didn’t give a fuck. Love conquers all? Sure looked like it.

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