It doesn’t take a mere village, it takes a whole community

Vetitus Productions heeft geen winstoogmerk en draait op de inzet van vrijwilligers. We werken met een vast consistent kernteam. Daarnaast werken we met wisselende vrijwilligers die wij per eventtype inschakelen.  

Het kernteam bestaat uit de volgende mensen:

Saded: Main host & CEO

Name: Saded

Age: 36

Favorite kinks: Broken, Dirty & Stuffed.

Jade has years of experience within the Dutch kink scene and has moved across the spectrum from baby girl to OHMYGODWHATAWFULNESSISTHAT?!-sadist. As an active part of the community she is never one to pass up a project that sparks her interest. As CEO of VetitusProductions, she wants to stir emotions, sometimes shock, but above all show that edgeplay is just as much a part of kink as anything else. She is motivated to take the scene on, under and over the edge.

Bas: Co-host & Designer

Name: Bas

Age: 35

Favorite kinks: Edgeplay, piquerism & adorable socks.

Bas has spent close to 10 years in the scene and has made a name for himself as an edge-play educator. Teaching such topics as breath play, knife play and impact play, he has taught over 90 workshops.

As an art enthusiast and great fan of the Dutch BDSM community his main drive is to provide an entirely new experience, open for everyone from the scene and their friends.

Mim; Administration, project organization

name: Mim

Age: 35

Favorite kinks: authenticity in the form of misery and raw reality

As a big fan of nastiness and All The Emotions, Mim has been active in the kink scene for several years now. She enjoys contributing to the artistic, stimulating and inclusive events of VetitusProductions. As a jack of all trades, she works behind the scenes wherever it is needed, mostly focused on administration, organization and volunteer coordination.

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