Vetitus is a non-profit organization with a mission. We want to create together with our community, and we want your emotions. Not your money.

But hey, the world runs on money, and even we can’t go without it. Organizing events simply costs something, and that is why we cannot offer our events for free. What we do want is to be transparent about what happens with the money. 

Our income comes from Ticket Sales and from the sale of merchandise. Donations are welcome, but we prefer to run without donations. 

We think it is important that our events are accessible to everyone. That is why we work with social pricing, and we generally offer three types of tickets:

  • Budget: for people without paid work or on benefits, students, freelancers that are starting out
  • Standard: for people in a stable financial situation
  • Support: for people in a carefree financial situation

With the income from ticket sales and merchandise, we make the following expenses: 

  • pay the location
  • hire experts, pay partners and other people we work with
  • pay artists
  • reimburse the expenses of volunteers

After that, we do the following with the remainder: 

  • Expense reimbursement for the regular volunteers of Vetitus Productions
  • Purchase materials to furnish and decorate our locations
  • Purchase materials for promotional shoots
  • A minimal financial buffer so that the core team does not have to advance costs for subsequent events

If there is still a remainder left after this: 

  • We will use this to pay artists more at the next event
  • We will improve the next event by organizing a better location, more experts, more extensive decoration and, for example, security.
  • We put it in a piggy bank for larger material for our events (stainless-steel tables, massage tables, mattresses etc)
  • We organize a give-away or another event to give back to the community

As a Get-rich-quick scheme, this whole plan is completely worthless. Any extra money we rake in on purpose or by accident never, never, never ends up in the team's pockets. The goal is always to contribute sincerely to the community, with sincere intentions. Happy to be making money, but money doesn't make you happy.

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