Vetitus Productions, in collaboration with SubCatt, presents a new party for all petplay enthusiasts!

So all of you waggling-woofers, purrfect purrers, curious canines and… pretty… penguins?… 

Right! Anyways! Get your hooves in order, paint your paws, frilly up your fur and taylor your tails for it is time for PETS! Enjoy an afternoon designed for petplay enthusiasts and their handlers, created by SubCatt and organized by Vetitus. Single snakes and stewards are also more than welcome!

We’ll try and create the perfect vibe and environment for you to freely express your inner beast. Obviously your handlers are being taken care of as well, with snacks, drinks, and plenty of options to make their pets show off their tricks. So for a brief time interrupt your hibernation, and come join us right meow!

The details

First edition: Sunday 19th of February 2023, 13.00-18.00

Second edition: COMING SOON

Where: Almere, address will be provided after ticket sale

Costs: We offer sliding scale tickets. Drinks and snacks are included in the price.

€ 25 budget (limited amount)

€ 30 standard

€ 35 supporter 

What to expect

Tired of the black and red bdsm dungeons? Good. We don’t have one. We have a bright themed, petplay styled room to our disposal which we’ll make great use of. The space includes:

The animal shelter

Where bad and/or abandoned puppies, kittens and piggies go. Your owner can put you here in case they need some much deserved R&R, or you can wait here to be adopted while PETS employees take great care of you. 

The cuddle pile

Now every animal loves a cuddle right? We will provide plenty of soft spaces where the pets can crawl and cuddle to their leisure.

Toys & food

There will be all kinds of pet food toys and bowls provided so your lovely pet can be fed!

For Who?

This party is intended for pets and their owners/handlers. Experience isn’t needed. Vetitus loves creating spaces where people can safely discover their kinks. Have any doubts? Hit us up, and we’ll gladly see what we can do to help. 

Rules & other info

Clean sex is allowed (put a pad or towel between yourself and the floor)

No smoking inside or outside

There will be no lockers, and there is no shower available

Blood and piss play is not allowed. Sad Vetitus. 

There will be no super active DM’s but the Vetitus team will keep an eye out, and is always available for questions. 

In case of allergies, you can bring your own food and drinks. Please take note that peanuts are not allowed at the venue, so you’ll have to feed your squirrel something else.

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